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12 Dec 2023

Yinson announces investment in Ionada’s carbon capture technology which shows huge promise

Amy Power
Yinson announces investment in Ionada’s carbon capture technology which shows huge promise

Ionada is a company who develops and operates technology which is designed to reduce emissions from the marine and power generation industries. The company has developed many unique processes to deal with controlling maritime carbon emissions and Yinson Production Offshore has invested in Ionada’s technology, in order to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions.

Ionada excels in maritime emissions control, they develop, manufacture, and market exhaust gas cleaning systems. These processes successfully reduce emissions from the marine and power generation industries. One specific method the company has developed is a process for post-combustion carbon capture. This works through combining proprietary hollow fibre membrane contactors with proven amines absorbents. This system is useful for small, to mid-sized industrial emitters, which includes the energy, marine, and e-fuels industries.

In order to prove that these methods are successful, the innovative company carried out lots of research and experiments which allowed them to analyse their technology and develop it further. Through this system the company developed successful technology through constant testing within a lab. This well-designed technology caught Yinson’s attention, as the technology would work well with Yinson’s Zero Emissions FPSO concept. The technology also aligns with Yinson’s climate strategy and investment, which aims to achieve and support a sustainable and inclusive energy transition. Another element of Ionada’s technology which has attracted Yinson to the company, is that the lab results show an estimation that the technology will have the ability to reduce carbon emissions by 95%, through carbon capture techniques.

This 95% figure is a realistic aim, once the technology is applied to floating production storage and offloading sites (FPSOs) and this means that applying the technology to FPSOs has the potential to significantly improve carbon capture within the energy sector, such as in the oil and gas industry. This improvement will be based around making that industry’s transition to low-carbon operations as quick and easy as possible. This potential is another factor which has led Yinson to make an investment into Ionada, as it has become clear that the technology could reduce greenhouse gas emissions for its offshore operations. The investment has also been made with the idea that the technology will help the Yinson group to participate in the carbon credit value chain. Plus, the company’s continuous focus on sustainability and remaining the frontrunner in decarbonising the FPSO industry, will be boosted by the technology and will accelerate the industry towards the goal of net zero.

Alongside the benefits that Ionada’s technology will provide to Yinson, other companies will also benefit from the technology, as it now presents new businesses with new opportunities to decarbonise the hard-to-abate industries and facilities.

Ionada Chief Executive Officer, Edoardo Panziera, commented, “Applying carbon capture to the production of hydrocarbons will play a key role in achieving meaningful carbon emission reductions and decarbonising energy. We are honoured to partner with Yinson Production and believe this key milestone will facilitate meaningful advances in our innovative technology." 

Yinson Production’s Chief Technical Officer, Lars Gunnar Vogt, added, “Yinson Production is always looking for the latest technological ideas and breakthroughs in decarbonising offshore production. Our investment in Ionada's advanced carbon capture technology is a significant step towards our commitment to lowering our carbon footprint. Their carbon capture solution, which has demonstrated the potential to reduce carbon emissions by more than 95%, is a key component of our Zero Emissions FPSO concept. This technology will also pave the way for new business opportunities and our participation in the carbon credit value chain. Our aim is to revolutionise carbon capture and sequestration within the energy sector, and this partnership with Ionada is a significant milestone in that journey.”


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