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23 Oct 2023

Well-Safe Solution’s new manager takes new approach to CCUS projects

Amy Power
Well-Safe Solution’s new manager takes new approach to CCUS projects

Recently the well decommissioning experts, Well-Safe Solutions, introduced a new manager to the role of Energy Transitions, Alexa Duncan, who has started her new role with an innovative new strategy focused on adapting to CCUS projects.

Duncan has more than a decade of experience in roles centred around project management and well engineering, especially for international operators. Her plan to lead Well-Safe through a new transition will enable the company to grow and expand through the addition of working with CCUS and geothermal project capabilities.

Alexa has chosen to take this route due to the benefits it will provide to both the environment and to the expansion opportunities it will provide the company. By including CCUS and geothermal capabilities, the business will gain a wider variety of services to offer internationally. This expansion is also taking an opportunity to help clients reduce their carbon footprint and to increase the number of projects the business can be involved in, increasing their client base.

Duncan commented, “Well-Safe Solutions is at the forefront of the well plug and abandonment industry and working closely with clients to reduce their carbon footprint. With the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) estimating CO2 storage capacity of 78 billion tonnes on the UK continental shelf alone, there is a clear opportunity for Well-Safe Solutions to apply its considerable expertise when assisting our clients on the journey to net zero carbon emissions. In addition, extensive growth is also predicted within the geothermal market. I’m passionate about the energy transition and very much looking forward to collaborating with our highly experienced well engineering and subsurface teams on upcoming projects internationally.”

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