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13 Feb 2024

Taiwan Cement and thyssenkrupp have created a partnership to develop CCS technology

Amy Power
Taiwan Cement and thyssenkrupp have created a partnership to develop CCS technology

A partnership has begun between Taiwan Cement and thyssenkrupp Polysius (tkPOL) who will now begin a joint project. This project will focus on the creation and development of a Separate Oxyfuel Calciner technology.

The new process which the companies will be developing, uses an innovative technique that involves adding pure oxygen to the calcination process. Doing this increases the concentration of captured carbon dioxide to over 90%, whilst it simultaneously reduces the amount of energy the process requires.

The collaborating companies are aiming for the project to be complete by 2026, so that the ability to commercialise the technology by 2030 is an option. Having the technology commercialized would be a huge benefit to the environment and to multiple companies and industries. The technology has the capacity to capture 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year and the captured Co2 will then be useful in various industries, whilst also aligning with government policies for storage, carbon credits and value-added uses.

The build up to this project has been occurring for many years, as it was back in 2011 when TCC was working with Industrial Technology Research Institute, on calcium loop carbon dioxide capture and microalgae carbon sequestration technology. From this collaboration and the experience gained through this research, TCC has now gone on to partner with tkPOL for this project, developing the Separate Oxyfuel Calciner technology. Using the experience and techniques from other projects, the most recent project will work to develop three phases, these are, conceptual design, construction drawing design and finally, construction.

Chairman of TCC, Mr. Nelson Chang, commented, "Cement has created the civilized society we live in today, and TCC will continue to participate in energy transition and support the development of future civilizations. However, we are also emitting greenhouse gases. Therefore, this cooperation is aimed at solving this problem. Polysius is a golden name in the cement industry, and we are honored to be able to create the future together with you, not only for the cement industry but also for the world."

tkPOL CEO, Mr. Pablo Hofelich added, " We see you as Taiwan's cement company as one of the most innovative companies in the whole region. You are clearly committed towards a green transition and making this world a better place and avoiding greenhouse emission. So that's why we are privileged to be your partner in there. It's a milestone and strategic project for us as well. And I'm also convinced that with that separate oxyfuel calciner, we can make a big contribution to that, as it is not only a sequestration solution at the end to avoid the emission. It's also a revamp solution where we can work on existing. We are all looking forward to that partnership and to the collaboration."


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