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23 Oct 2023

Svante and Storegga have created a partnership in order to combine their skills and develop commercial CCS

Amy Power
Svante and Storegga have created a partnership in order to combine their skills and develop commercial CCS

Svante and Storegga have decided to collaborate on the commercial development of CCUS projects. This will involve the two companies combining their respective strengths and technologies to identify, develop and deploy CCUS projects, with the aim of using these projects to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Svante will bring their environmentally responsible carbon capture and removal filter technology, whilst Storegga will share their expertise around transportation and storage of Co2.

Storegga’s expertise includes the ability to provide Co2 emitters, including carbon capture and storage projects and hydrogen projects, with end-to-end, integrated, carbon capture and storage services which use net zero infrastructure.

The technology that Svante manufactures are solid sorbent-based filters which are used to trap Co2, which is emitted from heavy industrial facilities, before it reaches the atmosphere. This technology makes Svante a leading carbon capture and removal technology provider, as whilst the technology can do all of this, it can also be used for direct air capture (DAC). This process works through capturing and trapping Co2 which was already emitted into the atmosphere and removing it permanently.

This collaboration is a partnership which both companies have acknowledged will be an excellent opportunity to combine their knowledge and generate projects centered around carbon, such as capture, transportation, utilisation and storage. Through considering the possibilities of utilising and combining both companies’ knowledge and technology, they will collaborate to create and evaluate projects on a commercial scale.

Svante’s Chief Revenue Officer, Matt Stevenson, commented, “This new agreement with Storegga is another example of how we’re collaborating with strategic partners across the CCUS value chain to equip our customers with everything they need to achieve their emission reduction targets. Working with Storegga will address the needs of industrial companies who are looking for environmentally responsible pathways to capture their carbon emissions and either safely sequester them underground or use them to make other products”.

Storegga’s CEO, Dr. Nick Cooper, said, “Carbon capture and removal, also referred to as carbon management, is a key pillar the world can lean on in its efforts to decarbonize. Combining Svante’s capture technology with our experience in project development, and the transportation and storage of CO2, I’m confident that together we can provide our customers with a competitive CCUS project offering.”

Now that the collaboration has been created, the companies have started pushing towards the next step of this project and are now actively searching for opportunities and projects which could be developed into projects that are reducing carbon emissions on a commercial scale.


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