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27 Nov 2023

Sirona Technologies is developing DAC technologies

Amy Power
Sirona Technologies is developing DAC technologies

Sirona Technologies is a new company, based in Belgium, who is focusing on the development of Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology, with a centred focus on the use of solid sorbents within DAC. The company is using an innovative approach to DAC technology and according to the company is the first to use DAC to tackle climate change.

Sirona Technologies was launched in January of 2023 and was founded by multiple professionals who are connected to leading companies and institutions. The founders are Thoralf Gutierrez, who used to be a Tesla engineer and thermodynamics engineer Dr. Gauthier Limpens, Ph.D. The other founders are specialists who have chosen to focus on particle physics, carbon capture, chemical engineering, and aerospace engineering from CERN, Oxford University, UCLouvain and the USP. 

The company has also received a lot of funding, especially in the form of pre-seed funding. So far, Sirona has reached an estimated $1.09 million from various investors. These include Adrien Roose, Alliance for Impact, Benoit Deper, Renaud Visage, Syndicate One, Thibaud Elziere.

Sirona’s primary focus is on creating and developing DAC technologies further and achieving fast growth for the DAC industry. In order to make DAC development as fast and efficient as possible, the company aims to develop this form of carbon capture in locations which have a strong local government support for DAC, so that the company is able to deploy its technology at scale and at an accelerated rate.

DAC is a form of carbon capture technology which is an incredibly effective and efficient carbon removal solution. There is also an option to combine DAC with carbon mineralisation technology and if this combination occurs, then captured carbon can be stored within a geological formation for a long time. This approach effectively provides durability and reliability for the carbon removal solutions, which means that carbon dioxide is captured from the atmosphere and stored for roughly a millennia.

The innovative business, Sirona Technologies has taken a new approach to DAC, which involves the use of solid sorbents, which act as the chemical filter within the DAC machines, which capture Co2. The process around the sorbents involves them being heated until they release Co2 in a gaseous state. Once this occurs the Co2 will be compressed, then transferred to the companies’ partners where it will go through one of two processes, either it will be stored permanently within geological formations, or it will be converted into other products. In order to minimise damage to the environment with this process, the necessary heat will be generated through solar power, along with heat pumps and thermal storage. This will ensure there is always plenty of heat and the process will not be solely reliant on energy from the sun, which could incur potential consistency issues.


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