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29 Apr 2024

Plans for carbon capture development at North Wales energy-from-waste facility

Amy Power
Plans for carbon capture development at North Wales energy-from-waste facility

A plan which concerns the transformation of Parc Adfer into North Wales’ largest producer of carbon negative power, was recently announced. Parc Adfer is based in Deeside and once the plant has been transformed, it has been stated that it will be run and operated by enfinum.

enfinium has been selected as the company to run this facility, as they already operate another carbon capture and storage (CCS) facility for another Welsh site. This facility is planned to annually sequester and store 235,000 tonnes of Co2, which has been produced by biogenic materials. These statistics suggest that over a period of time the plant will have removed more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, than it will have emitted.

Along with the benefits that this plant will provide to the environment, it will also create more than 1,000 green jobs and if the project is developed far enough, it could become eligible for a grant from the UK Government. This grant would be awarded if the project becomes part of the Track-1 carbon capture programme.

The aim and hope for this new project, is that through investment in CCS, by 2035 it will be possible to have a 100% zero caron power output. In order to achieve this goal, planning and consenting will begin later on in 2024.

CEO of Net Zero Industry Wales, Ben Burggraaf, commented, “North-East Wales has an exciting opportunity to leverage technologies like carbon capture and hydrogen to produce the sustainable goods and services of the future. It is critical that projects like those at Parc Adfer move forward as quickly as possible to maintain our competitive advantage over other countries.”

CEO of enfinium, Mike Maudsley, “To deliver a net zero carbon economy, Wales needs to find a way to produce carbon removals, or negative emissions, at scale. Installing carbon capture at the Parc Adfer facility would transform it into the largest generator of carbon negative power in Wales, decarbonise unrecyclable waste and support the green economy in Deeside and wider North Wales region.”


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