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26 Feb 2023

Planetary Technologies Submits Its Ocean-Based Carbon Removal MRV for Scientific Review

Planetary Technologies Submits Its Ocean-Based Carbon Removal MRV for Scientific Review

Planetary Technologies, a firm specializing in ocean-focused carbon removal, has submitted its measurement, reporting, and verification protocol for CO2 removal for review. The company aims to scale up its efforts at ocean alkalinity enhancement (OAE). 

The company is inviting scientists and members of the public around the world to provide feedback on the protocol. 

The open-source protocol provides clear guidelines for developing Ocean Carbon Dioxide Removal (oCDR) and an accurate method to calculate carbon removal and estimate lifetime storage, the company stated on 23 February. 

Planetary’s MRV has been validated by Shopify as a reliable method that enables the purchasing of carbon removal credits. The MRV will be used to verify carbon removals in Planetary’s first public carbon removal project, which is expected to launch in spring 2023.  

The firm's technology can remove more than one million tons of CO2 per year from the atmosphere by 2028 and gigatons by 2050. 

Its unique system removes alkaline produced by mining operations from mountains and puts it in the ocean, making it less acidic and accelerating its natural ability to sequester carbon dioxide. Alkaline converts the ocean’s dissolved CO2 into stable bicarbonate and carbonate molecules, which causes the ocean to absorb more CO2 to restore equilibrium. 

The ocean already absorbs around one-quarter of the CO2 humans produce each year but increased CO2 contributes to ocean acidification, which can dissolve the calcium carbonate shells of marine organisms like corals and shellfish. Adding alkaline can also help these organisms. 

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