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19 Dec 2023

Nuada has partnered with various companies to accelerate the cement industry’s decarbonisation rate

Amy Power
Nuada has partnered with various companies to accelerate the cement industry’s decarbonisation rate

The companies that have agreed to work towards accelerating the rate at which the cement industry is decarbonised, have also agreed to focus on carbon capture as their main technology drive. The decarbonisation of this industry is so important because of the necessary process of heating limestone which produces unavoidable carbon emissions.

The process of creating cement requires the ability to perform the task of heating limestone, which means the manufacturing process of cement, a necessary material, is guaranteed to emit carbon dioxide. This is why carbon capture is a very important technology when it comes to bringing the cement industry to a point where it is able to achieve net zero, through reducing as much of the unavoidable emissions as possible. So far, figures suggest that carbon capture techniques are expected to account for over a third of all of the emission reductions required and this technique also aligns with the Global Cement and Concrete Association’s 2050 Net Zero Concrete Roadmap. The only issue that surrounds this plan is the cost of the equipment which is required for the process and how much energy is needed to make the available carbon capture solutions possible.

One company who has recently created partnerships to develop carbon capture solutions is Nuada who has decided to partner with Holcim, SCG, Cementos Argos and Cementos Molins. These partnerships have been made in order to drive efforts centred around decarbonising the cement industry forwards. The purpose of this collaboration will be to evaluate Nuada’s next-generation carbon capture technology, and determine its potential as a solution for delivering low-carbon cement. This collaboration was granted approval through the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) and it is clear that this project compliments the work being done by existing collaborations with Buzzi Unicem, Cementir Holding, and Heidelberg Materials. These collaborations were formed through the Innovandi Open Challenge programme, which is an organisation that brings together start-ups and leading cement companies. Bringing these companies together through this site has worked brilliantly so far, as it makes it much easier for multiple companies to work together and discover and continue the work on net zero initiatives.

Cement, Innovation and ESG Director at the Global Cement and Concrete Association Claude Loréa, commented, “This announcement is a testament to the success of the GCCA’s pioneering Innovandi Open Challenge Programme. It’s great to see Nuada – one of the first start-ups we worked with, when we launched the programme in 2021, going from strength to strength, and helping to develop the vital CCUS technology our industry needs to help us achieve net zero by 2050.”

Co-CEO of Nuada, Dr Jose Casaban, added, “Carbon capture represents the largest cost element in the CCUS value chain. Innovation in carbon capture is vital to slashing the cost of capture, enabling the ramp-up of infrastructure and ultimately improving the economics of CCS projects. Nuada redefines carbon capture by deploying a solution that addresses the cost, energy, and integrational challenges for harder-to-abate sectors like cement.”

Co-CEO of Nuada, Dr Conor Hamill, mentioned, “The commitment of these major cement players to collaborate with Nuada, attests to the potential of our carbon capture innovation as a cornerstone solution for low-carbon cement, and we eagerly anticipate working together to accelerate its deployment.”


Head of Global R&D at Holcim, Edelio Bermejo, said, “We are very pleased to join the consortium through the Innovandi Open Challenge programme. Carbon Capture is a key lever to accelerate our decarbonization journey, and with CCUS projects around the world and a commitment to invest CHF 2 billion by 2030, we are leading our industry’s transition to a net-zero future. Partnering with Nuada will facilitate the testing and accelerate the deployment of their technology, ultimately supporting the scaling up of carbon capture efforts. We look forward to continued innovation and collaboration within the industry towards the goal of a net-zero future."

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