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29 Apr 2024

Messer has created a carbon capture service solution known as ZeCarb

Amy Power
Messer has created a carbon capture service solution known as ZeCarb

ZeCarb is a solution that has been developed by Messer, a privately owned specialist for industrial, medical and specialty gases. This solution is an expansion to Messer’s product range and ZeCarb will help industries with high carbon dioxide emissions to decarbonise.

Messer’s purpose is to capture carbon dioxide emissions before they are released into the atmosphere and the emissions that are captured, are then used in applications which are designed to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Messer focuses mostly on capturing Co2 emissions from steel, cement, glass, paper or chemical production, but the company also focuses on capturing emissions from fossil-fired power plants which produce electricity and heat.

Once the emissions are captured before they enter the atmosphere, they can then be put to use in operations such as the production of synthetic fuels, eFuels or sustainable aviation fuels. On the other hand, rather than being used, Messer also has the option of storing the Co2 permanently within geological formations that are located underground. A particularly good choice when it comes to storing the Co2, is to use depleted oil and gas fields. This is because these fields have stored a mixture of natural gas, nitrogen and carbon dioxide for millions of years, so therefore are a suitable and reliable choice for storing Co2.

In line with Messer’s work so far, ZeCarb is a development which pushes the company’s work forwards and highlights how important the work they have done so far is. Altogether, ZeCarb is the entire CCUS value chain from a single source.

Messer has said they are ‘responding to the growing global demand for solutions to reduce CO2 emissions in industrial processes with its ZeCarb solution, which draws on decades of experience in the field of CO2 recovery.’

CEO of Messer, Bernd Eulitz, commented, “We are in the process of changing the way in which companies across all industries reduce their carbon footprint, aligning with global sustainability goals while tapping into new growth opportunities. With our "Carbon Capture as a Service" offering under the name "ZeCarb", we provide companies and municipalities a solution to achieve their CO2 targets from an economic point of view and fulfill their ecological responsibility."

Chief Technology Officer at Messer, Dr. Tarek El Hawary spoke about Messer, ‘as a global company in the leading markets in Asia, Europe and America, Messer is globally networked with cooperation partners.’ Hawary continues, "This puts us in a position to cover all areas of the CCUS value chain for customers from a single source. Thanks to the new ZeCarb service, we can now also use our proven CO2 recovery technology in the context of Carbon Capture Utilisation & Storage."


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