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13 Feb 2024

JustCarbon has begun an innovative business funding model

Amy Power
JustCarbon has begun an innovative business funding model

For a while JustCarbon was a business that dealt with trading carbon credits on the blockchain, however now the company has decided to expand and grow its business by offering funding to the projects that have the most potential.

Throughout the years in which carbon capture projects have started to grow and the demand for CDR projects has become apparent, it has also become clear that multiple projects have been set up to meet this demand. However, the issue with these multiple projects is that, as they have been created through separate companies and industries, they all vary in some way, therefore they have caused a fragmented market. Alongside this issue, despite the number of CDR projects which have been created, there is a lack of high value CDR projects, especially for new and innovative approaches which require MRV (measurement, reporting and verification) technology.

Therefore, JustCarbon has offered to begin providing companies with funding, as they believe that they are now in a position in which they are able to support other companies in this manner. They plan to do this through encouraging greater demand through investment and also by offering help to transformative, planet-saving solutions, which will help these specific projects grow and scale-up. The main purpose behind this part of their funding project is to focus on gigaton carbon removal and close the current gap between impactful projects and potential investors. To push this offer further, JustCarbon has mentioned that they would be able to offer a detailed project analysis and that they will be happy to work with any projects which follow specific methodologies, such as those approved by Puro Earth, Gold Standard and Verra. The projects that JustCarbon agrees to help must also align with multiple Sustainable Development Goals.

One of the largest reasons behind this decision from JustCarbon, is that if projects are funded appropriately, it could be possible to remove an estimated 10 Gt Co2 from the atmosphere by 2050. If this was made possible, then it would solve the current issues which hard to abate sectors have with a lack of carbon credits, whilst simultaneously helping to solve the pollution and atmosphere issues.

JustCarbon CEO, Gavin Anderson, commented, “We have projects live and ready to scale, collectively removing 2GT carbon each year, but the growth possibilities won’t be realised if they remain underfunded - we need to be funding hyper-scale gigatonnes projects. JustCarbon works closely with the most promising start-up environmental businesses with diversified revenue streams. This revenue diversification relieves innovators of a risky reliance on the voluntary carbon market for profits, enabling them to scale their environmental impact confidently with the main aim to scale rapidly.” He continued, “The opportunity that we are giving investors enables them to offset their activities with the companies in our portfolio, reinforcing the validity of their investment. We have selected carbon removal projects with a variety of different nature-based and nature-enhanced solutions that JustCarbon have assessed for  eligibility, and are working with leading carbon crediting platforms - Puro.Earth, or Gold Standard. Our goal is to foster connections between visionary project developers and forward-thinking investors like yourself, to help save the planet and scale successful businesses in the process.”

Funding Solution, Julien Jacob, mentioned, “Durable carbon removal is experiencing an unprecedented race for innovation. As these processes make their way into the spotlight, early-equity funding is instrumental to support the launch of commercial operations and future availability of high-quality carbon removal credits. In return for providing catalytic capital, investors can benefit from great visibility and opportunities into this fast-growing market.”

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