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15 Apr 2024

Heidelberg Edmonton CCUS project has awarded the FEED contract to MHI and Kiewit

Amy Power
Heidelberg Edmonton CCUS project has awarded the FEED contract to MHI and Kiewit

It has been announced that MHI Low Carbon Solutions Canada and Kiewit Energy Group, are the companies that have been selected to work together on a FEED contract for the Edmonton CCUS project. The companies have agreed to work together on this project, in a partnership and they will be working on the carbon capture technology at this project.

The ability for these companies to work on the FEED for CCUS technology for this project, comes from Heidelberg Materials North America’s decision to commission the world’s first full-scale net-zero cement plant. This plant will be based at its Edmonton location and it will be made simpler through the company’s ability to add CCUS technology to a state-of-the-art facility, which is already there. The hope for this plant, is for it to be able to capture and store around 1 million metric tons of Co2 every year. Heidelberg Materials has said that they hope for the final investment decision to be taken in 2024 and this will occur after federal and provincial funding agreements, have been finalised.

The FEED study that MHI and Kiewit will collaborate on, will be complete through the use of MHI’s proprietary Advanced KM CDR Process™ that was jointly developed by The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. This process uses the KS-21™ solvent, which is efficient and effective, making these companies the clear choice for the FEED part of the project.

Heidelberg Materials North America is already building towards completing its two-stage competitive procurement process, as the company has now taken the next step in this journey. The company has started to look at selecting the carbon capture technology and contractor that they will use to provide the Co2 separation solution that will be utilised at its Edmonton project. This project will be extremely significant, as it will be the first full-scale application of CCUS within the cement sector.

Vice President Cement Operations, Northwest Region for Heidelberg Materials North America, Joerg Nixdorf, commented, “We are pleased with this latest step in advancing our Edmonton project and moving even closer to our goal of delivering the first full-scale application of CCUS in the cement sector. This latest development represents meaningful progress on the path to achieving a net-zero future.”


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