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15 Jan 2024

GTI Energy has been awarded the ability to study steel decarbonisation

Amy Power
GTI Energy has been awarded the ability to study steel decarbonisation

GTI Energy and U.S. Steel will receive new funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), in order to help them achieve accurate testing for the carbon capture technology solutions which are ready for widescale deployment in industrial applications.

These solutions will specifically be innovative carbon management technologies, which have the potential to help the economy find a realistic and effective way forwards to net-zero emissions, within the United States.  

Statistics from the DOE’s Carbon Management Market Liftoff Report have shown that the U.S, would need to be able to capture and store an estimated 400 to 1,800 million tons of Co2 per year, in order to reach its decarbonisation goals, which are set for 2050. The hardest part of this challenge, will be to achieve decarbonisation of the hard-to-abate industries, such as steel and cement production, which are also one of the largest contributors to global Co2 emissions.

During this study, GTI Energy plans to demonstrate their ROTA-CAP carbon capture technology at U.S. Steel’s Edgar Thomson facility, which is based in Braddock in Pennsylvania. The point of ROTA-CAP, GTI Energy’s modular, scalable, integrated industrial carbon capture system, is that it uses different and innovative approaches to aid the carbon capture process, specifically through intensifying the process. The system does this through reducing the size and cost in comparison to other current processes.

In order to make this innovative system as good and effective as it is, GTI has put their technology through an extensive system-level, proof-of-concept and performance validation set of tests. These tests took place at the National Carbon Capture Center and running these tests, will provide GTI with the confidence that this technology is suitable for application at U.S. Steel. Through testing this technology within industrial environments, the process will make the technology ready, suitable and safe for commercial deployment.

Vice President of Carbon Management & Conversion, GTI Energy, Don Stevenson, commented, “GTI Energy is not merely testing innovative carbon management solutions, we are demonstrating their real-world viability and economic potential. This partnership will showcase the power of collaboration and innovation in tackling the complex challenge of transitioning to cleaner energy systems.”

U. S. Steel Senior Vice President and Chief Manufacturing Officer, Scott Buckiso, added, “Lowering carbon emissions in our operations is a key part of the U. S. Steel strategy. We welcome the collaboration with the DOE and GTI Energy at our Edgar Thomson plant, together we’re creating solutions that will shape the future.”


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