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11 Mar 2024

DotzEarth’ sorbent technology has demonstrated excellent performance

Amy Power
DotzEarth’ sorbent technology has demonstrated excellent performance

DotzEarth has been assessing their carbon sorbent technology in SINTEF’s lab and the results these tests produced highlighted superior results to any existing commercial activated carbon sorbents.

In order to verify these results, validation tests and process simulations were performed by SINTEF and these all showed enhanced performance. Specifically, DotzEarth nanoporous sorbent displayed a 3-fold increase in absorption capacity, along with a higher selectivity and a lower regeneration energy in comparison to commercially available activated carbon. The company was also able to complete a bench-scale demonstration unit.

One of the tests that the companies conducted was process simulations and this was performed through using SINTEF’s validated Moving Bed Temperature Swing Process (MBTSA). This experiment once again produced superior results in comparison to commercial sorbents. One of the largest benefits shown within these experiments, was that the use of the DotzEarth nanoporous carbon absorbent, significantly reduced the amount of energy that was required for the process of sorbent regeneration and release of carbon dioxide (energy penalty). This reduced amount of energy, was the results that were interpreted from comparing DotzEarth and commercially activated carbon and commercial liquid amines.

Dotz CEO, Sharon Malka, commented, “As the world fast tracks the capture of CO2 to achieve global net zero by 2050, one of the main factors hindering these efforts is the high cost of capture. Carbon-based sorbents have long been identified as a cost-efficient method, and we are thrilled to see validation testing and process simulations results demonstrating our sorbents’ enhanced properties compared with commercially available carbon-based sorbents. This includes greater adsorption capacity, better selectivity, and a reduction in regeneration energy, highlighting the potential of our DotzEarth sorbent technology to offer substantial practical advantages for the future of carbon capture.”

SINTEF Research Manager, Jasmina H. Cavka, added, “As a pioneer in the research and development of climate technologies, with longstanding experience in CCUS technologies, the initial results obtained on the Dotz’s adsorbent speak directly to strength of the technology, showing superior properties compared with commercial sorbent case study. These enhanced properties further support potential cost savings and provide a basis for advancing the technology towards its next stage of demonstration.”


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