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09 Jan 2024

Deep Sky and ReCarbn have agreed to collaborate for a Direct Air Capture project in Canada

Amy Power
Deep Sky and ReCarbn have agreed to collaborate for a Direct Air Capture project in Canada

ReCarbn is a Netherlands-based company who specialises in Direct Air Capture (DAC) systems. They have agreed to supply Deep Sky with their DAC system, for their Canada-based DAC project.

The agreement includes ReCarbn delivering and installing the DAC system for Deep Sky, as well as the system being designed with the capacity to remove fifty tons of carbon dioxide per year. This ability is made possible through ReCarbn’s use of a solid sorbent mechanism, which operates through reducing the energy consumption required for the process. The system circulates the sorbent between reactors to reduce energy consumption, whilst simultaneously boosting productivity. This is a substantial improvement on current systems which use traditional fixed bed technologies.

This innovative unit will be operated by Deep Sky, the world's first gigaton-scale carbon removal company and the system will form part of Deep Sky’s Alpha Lab test facility. The unit will be located in Quebec and will be installed there in 2024, furthermore, the system will be able to function efficiently through use of the area’s renewable hydroelectric energy reserves.

During the DAC unit’s operation, its performance will be monitored at Deep Sky’s Alpha facility and from here various forms of data will be collected. This data will include the unit’s performance on carbon dioxide removal (CDR), energy consumption and other factors. The overall goal for this will be for the two companies to assess and validate the technology, ensuring it is ready to be deployed on a commercial scale throughout Canada. This forms part of Deep Sky’s mission, which involves developing Canada into a world-leading carbon removal area.

Deep Sky CEO, Damien Steel, commented, “Deep Sky continues to gather the top DAC technology providers in the world. ReCarbn’s unique use of a circulating solid sorbent mechanism reduces the energy consumption needed, which is a key differentiator we look for in all of our partnerships. With the addition of ReCarbn’s tech at our Alpha Lab facility in Canada, we’re one step closer to commercialized carbon removal at scale.”

ReCarbn CEO, Guus Dubbink, added, “ReCarbn aims to accelerate the development of Direct Air Capture and shares a goal with Deep Sky to ultimately remove gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere. Our partnership is a natural fit. Deep Sky specializes in on-the-ground project development, which requires specific expertise and local insights. This enables ReCarbn to focus on our main objective: further improving our technology. We love to see project developers like Deep Sky make an immediate impact, as this is what the Direct Air Capture industry needs to grow."


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