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20 Nov 2023

Cook Government to make major investment after study reveals carbon capture opportunity in Western Australia

Amy Power
Cook Government to make major investment after study reveals carbon capture opportunity in Western Australia

A recent study performed in Western Australia, has revealed that the area has huge potential as a hub for carbon storage, which would be a step towards establishing a CCUS industry within Western Australia.

The study was co-funded by the WA LNG Jobs Taskforce and was performed by CSIRO, plus the Global CCS Institute. Their research has uncovered that Western Australia has the capability to store its own carbon dioxide and would also have the ability to convert its existing infrastructure into CCUS hubs. An Action Plan has been created around this research and this plan will aim to speed up deployment of CCUS technologies in Western Australia, which are already in use. The plan will also aim to support research done around new CCUS technologies, as well as attract investment in CCUS.

Alongside these efforts being applied to this project, the Government has agreed to provide help in two ways, firstly through an investment, and secondly through laying down a new legislation. This investment would consist of $4.3 million going towards this Action Plan, which would effectively place Western Australia as a leader in the global carbon industry. On top of this, the Cook Government is also expected to announce and introduce legislations which will allow the transport and storage of greenhouse gasses, with these being effective by the end of the year. These commitments and help to this project will significantly support CCUS opportunities.

Premier Roger Cook, commented, "WA is a world leader in mining and natural gas, and that means we are perfectly placed to become a world leader in Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage. We can leverage our skilled workforce, existing infrastructure and unique geology to attract global CCUS investment – helping to create local jobs and strengthen our State's economy. We know there is growing demand from our trading partners for projects that support their energy security, but that also incorporate CCUS. My Government is committed to slashing our State's emissions and supporting decarbonisation across the globe – and CCUS will play an important role in managing the transition to a low-carbon future."


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