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22 Apr 2024

Collaboration between multiple countries will work on establishing European infrastructure

Amy Power
Collaboration between multiple countries will work on establishing European infrastructure

The companies involved in this collaboration include, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. To begin with, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands created an agreement with Norway and Sweden and this allowed the transportation of carbon dioxide to begin occurring across national borders. This is a hugely beneficial agreement, as it means that the Co2 that will be transported, can then be sent into underground storage.

Danish Shipping was very happy to receive news of this new collaboration and it was made clear that the hope for this project, would be for it to become a crucial part in the drive towards creating a European internal market, dedicated to Co2.

Danish Shipping stated that the, ‘New agreements with Norway and Sweden now enable the transport of CO2 across Scandinavia for underground storage. CO2 capture, utilisation, and storage are essential climate tools to reduce European CO2 emissions and have the potential to become a new Danish industrial adventure.’

Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Lars Aagaard, commented, "CO2 capture and storage are one of the important necessary tools we need to achieve our Danish and European climate goals. Therefore, we must ensure climate policy that goes beyond Denmark's borders – and we do this when the agreements open up for cross-border cooperation on CO2 capture and storage. We need to utilize the various resources and experiences we have across Europe, so we can scale up CO2 capture and storage and get the difficult emissions stored underground.”

Deputy CEO of Danish Shipping, Jacob K. Clasen, added, "When it comes to capturing and storing CO2 underground, Denmark is right at the forefront. It's very positive that the Danish government is also proactive in establishing agreements with our neighboring countries, which can contribute to scaling up the entire CO2 sector and establish the necessary infrastructure. At Danish Shipping, we have members ready with the ships that will help transport CO2. All this can help make Denmark an important European CO2 hub.”


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