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29 Apr 2024

A CCS partnership has been established in Kenya between RepAir and Cella

Amy Power
A CCS partnership has been established in Kenya between RepAir and Cella

A new CCS venture is being launched in Africa and it will be carried out by RepAir and Cella, who have partnered up for this project. RepAir is a Direct Air Capture company and Cella is a carbon storage technology company.

For a while now, RepAir has been focused on creating and sustaining partnerships with storage firms that are based within Europe, the US and Africa. RepAir’s most recent partnership involves Cella and this collaboration will focus on creating multiple dedicated value chains, which will be used for extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The next steps will then involve taking the captured CO2 and storing it underground and the companies plan to do this through the use of in-situ mineralisation. The benefits of this collaboration will extend all the way to streamlining the sale of high-quality carbon credits to offtakers and this will help corporations to meet ESG standards which are currently evolving, it will also help these businesses to manage offsets and advance towards meeting and achieving their net zero goals.

The plan so far, is for the new Direct Air Capture Unit and CO2 storage facility, which will be created through this collaboration, to be based next to Cella’s primary demonstration project. This means the new facility will be located in the Kenyan Rift Valley and consequently the project will be co-located with geothermal energy production. A further benefit of this new facility is that the companies are planning to ensure it functions off of renewable energy sources. Alongside the use of renewable energy RepAir’s DAC solution uses proprietary electrochemical cell technology and it has been stated that this technology consumes an estimated 70% less energy in comparison to its competitors. This makes the new facility and technology energy-efficient, easily scalable and cost-effective. In addition to the benefits provided by DAC’s technology, Cella’s proprietary mineralisation storage process works through transforming carbon dioxide into rock underground. This method means that the carbon removal process is ensured to be both cost effective and safe, whilst also providing minimal environmental impact.

On top of this partnership and recent development, both companies involved have made it clear that they are actively seeking further collaboration opportunities. Making this decision to continue searching for collaboration opportunities and therefore, further expansion and development opportunities as well, depicts both companies continued dedication to technological innovation and their continued interest around combating climate change.

Cella CEO, Corey Pattison, commented, "By partnering with Cella at our first demonstration site, RepAir can capitalise on two critical resources: the potential for truly permanent, highly verifiable carbon storage via mineralization combined with Kenya's abundant renewable energy sources. Together these resources provide a comprehensive solution for capturing and storing CO2 for off-takers. This collaboration represents an extraordinary opportunity to nurture mutual growth.”

CEO of RepAir, Amir Shiner, added, "RepAir Carbon's cutting-edge DAC solution is characterised by its energy efficiency, scalability, and affordability. Our solution sets a new standard, requiring only 600 kWh per ton of CO2 captured, marking the lowest energy consumption on the market. This agreement is perfectly aligned with the launch of our commercial demonstrator in 2025, empowering RepAir to offer high-quality carbon credits to our customers." 


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