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04 Dec 2023

Aquaterra Energy and INEOS have secured a contract to extend the lifespan of a CCS platform in the North Sea

Amy Power
Aquaterra Energy and INEOS have secured a contract to extend the lifespan of a CCS platform in the North Sea

Aquaterra Energy and INEOS have agreed to work together with the intention of supporting and extending the lifespan of an existing offshore platform. This platform forms part of Project Greensand, the offshore CCS development in Denmark.

The overall aim of this partnership is to support the repurposing of the Nini platform, in order to make it possible to inject Co2 up until 2045. After going through a competitive tender, Aquaterra was awarded the contract to work with INEOS due to Aquaterra’s expertise in offshore platform structural analysis, brownfield engineering and asset life extension. These skills will help the companies to figure out the viability of the structure and to determine which modifications would need to be made. The Nini platform is part of the primary stage of the project which means that any new additions to the project or developments of further nearby platforms will be based off of this platform. These changes will occur within later phases of the project, but they will continue to be based off of the work that takes place on the Nini platform.


This project is viewed as important because Greensand is one of the most mature Co2 storage projects in Denmark. The aims of this project focus on the ability to be able to store an estimated 1.5 million tons of Co2 annually, by 2025. This development would make it a significant and necessary project in the International Energy Agency’s sustainable development scenario goal, which is currently aiming to be able to store 5,635 megatons annually of Co2 globally by 2050. This will be made possible through the process the company has mapped out which will operate through, capturing Co2 emitted from European companies. This captured carbon will then be transported to the North Sea, where the platform is located, where it will be sent underground through the use of the existing offshore platform. This Co2 will then be stored permanently 1,800 meters below the seabed, within a sandstone reservoir.

The Managing Director of Aquaterra Energy, James Larnder, commented, "Project Greensand stands at the forefront of CCS deployment, so this also marks a pivotal moment in our own CCS journey. A key part of Aquaterra Energy’s growth strategy has been leveraging our deep oil and gas expertise to fast-track new offshore energy initiatives and Greensand represents an ideal opportunity for us to continue this. We're excited about the prospects of further supporting the CCS sector, especially as innovative projects like Greensand come online."


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