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26 Feb 2023

Alliance Launches to Advocate for Carbon Removal Policies

Alliance Launches to Advocate for Carbon Removal Policies

More than 20 companies from the carbon removal industry have joined forces as an alliance to give the sector more visibility in political agendas. The consortium includes companies such as Climeworks, Heirloom, and Living Carbon, among others.

Heading the alliance is Giana Amador, who joins the Carbon Removal Alliance (CRA) from Carbon 180, an NGO she co-founded in 2015. 

The CRA will aim to commercialize and scale different types of carbon removal technologies to help industries and nations achieve their Net Zero goals and unlock the potential trillion-dollar industry. 

Founding companies’ operations vary, from recent firms to investment funds and carbon credit buyers. 

“Together, we will work to realize the potential of the trillion-dollar carbon removal industry — catalyzing innovation, creating high-quality jobs, driving economic development, and ensuring we achieve our climate goals,” the CRA said in a statement.

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