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10 May 2024

Process Insights - Your Trusted Gas Analysis Partner

Process Insights Hall: A Stand: 1135
Process Insights - Your Trusted Gas Analysis Partner
Process Insights - Your Trusted Gas Analysis Partner
Process Insights - Your Trusted Gas Analysis Partner

Process Insights is a global organization comprised of dedicated individuals who are passionate about promoting safer process control. Our presence spans across the world, with our innovative analytical instrumentation and process automation products and solutions making a positive impact in various industries. We are committed to manufacturing and developing cutting-edge innovations that empower our customers to create better products and services while safeguarding the environment. With a focus on strategic and global expansion, we are constantly seeking new opportunities across the value chain, benefiting not only our customers but also our channel partners and suppliers. We understand the criticality of protecting precious and limited resources in your processes, and we are here to support you.

Process Insights plays a pivotal role in optimizing processes and ensuring safety. Our solutions offer exceptional accuracy, surpassing the competition and ensuring the safety of your plant, processes, environment, and personnel. The speed of our continuous, real-time analytical solutions simplifies time-sensitive experiments and simulations. By providing real-time data on gas composition, our gas analysis solutions enhance process control, leading to increased efficiency, reduced waste, and improved product quality. Additionally, our solutions contribute to enhanced safety by detecting potentially hazardous gases, thereby preventing accidents, and protecting both personnel and equipment. We also facilitate regulatory compliance by helping companies meet emissions monitoring and control requirements, ensuring adherence to environmental regulations and avoiding penalties.

Our comprehensive range of analytical instrumentation, applications, systems, and service options ensures that we can tailor a solution that matches your specific needs and budget. We provide you with the most optimal and reliable process analysis solution for your application.

Discover the expansive suite of turnkey analytical solutions and instrumentation offered by Process Insights, catering to a wide range of industrial, high purity, laboratory, and research applications.

Our portfolio encompasses a variety of cutting-edge products, including:

  • Dew point moisture analyzers and transmitters
  • Oxygen analyzers and safety monitors
  • CRDS gas analyzers
  • TOC water quality analyzers
  • Excimer Total Sulfur-Nitrogen process and lab analyzers
  • NIR UV VIS process and lab analyzers
  • FTIR FT-NIR process and lab analyzers
  • Relative humidity and temperature analyzers
  • Chilled mirror dew point analyzers

With our comprehensive portfolio, Process Insights is committed to driving innovation and excellence ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of performance and accuracy in their processes.

Reach out to us today for a complete range of options and let us partner with you in achieving process excellence.


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