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Distributed Energy Solution using Hydrogen Fuel Cells

28 Jun 2023
Fuel Cell Technology

Global decarbonization roadmaps recognize the role of Hydrogen for a clean future. Hydrogen-fueled fuel cells, such as the PureCell® Model 400 Hydrogen, can enable the transition to a Hydrogen economy with technology that is proven, reliable and clean (zero NOx, SOx and Carbon emissions). Solutions scale from 1 unit to 100’s of units, supporting microgrid, grid-scale and combined heat and power (CHP) systems. Fuel cells that flexibly manage utility import/export (load following) and power resilience (grid-independence) capabilities can support applications needing to optimize LCOE or integrate with other generation sources such as solar and wind to achieve 24/7 Carbon-free Energy when using clean hydrogen. This presentation will describe the technical features of HyAxiom's solution.

Sridhar Kanuri, Chief Technology Officer - HyAxiom, Inc.