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Site Selection Criteria for Retrofit CO2 Capture Technology

29 Jun 2023
Carbon Capture, Utilization, Storage & Blue Hydrogen
Many facilities may have financial incentive to implement carbon capture while achieving decarbonization targets due to expansion of US 45Q tax code. This applies to coal and natural gas-fired power facilities, and industrial facilities, such as cement kilns, steel mills, and oil and gas markets. This presentation discusses considerations and requirements for installing CO2 capture technology with a focus on retrofits and how to identify good candidates considering technology applicability. Initial site evaluations can help determine which facilities may be the best suited for CO2 capture, even if owners plan to install CO2 capture on all stations. An initial site evaluation should consider technical feasibility of a facility including proximity to potential CO2 users and pipeline development, flue gas characteristics, quantity of CO2 produced, and utility and land availability. These technical considerations can have significant impacts to the overall cost-effectiveness of the CO2 capture facility and can allow for selection or prioritization of the owner’s fleet and is an important first step in review of CO2 capture potential. Site selection criteria and integration will be discussed, highlighting key plant readiness criteria helping streamline project development and lower implementation costs. 
Holly Hills, Project Associate – Environmental & Process Technologies - Sargent & Lundy