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Securing the Electric Power Conversion Supply Chain for Green Hydrogen & Carbon Capture. Are they the same cast of characters?

29 Jun 2023
Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Infrastructure Development
The recently legislated Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is expected to unleash a tide of investment in de carbonizing the power generation and heavy industrial sectors of the economy. Carbon capture technology and electrolysis to produce Hydrogen are key inputs to achieve net-zero. Electric power conversion systems (PCS) is one of the critical pieces of equipment that is used in carbon capture and electrolysis. For example, variable frequency drives are used to run large compressor motors that compress carbon and hydrogen for transportation and storage, megawatt-scale rectifiers are used for electrolysis to create hydrogen and converters are used in grid scale solar and battery energy storage facilities. For an asset owner and operator who has diversified interests in the above areas, the question is can cost and supply chain efficiencies be captured by dealing with just a handful of manufacturers who can meet the entire electric power conversion needs of their project. This presentation will show how working with just a handful of manufacturers that are in a position to supply the entire power conversion apparatus could help in reducing the overall cost and securing production capacity for upcoming projects.  
Manish Verma, Business Development Specialist - TMEIC Corporation Americas