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Reducing the Cost of Green Hydrogen: Every Microvolt Counts

29 Jun 2023
Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Infrastructure Development

TFP Hydrogen is a leading provider of materials that reduce the cost of green hydrogen generation.  We currently manufacture a portfolio of products addressing key materials challenges in catalysis and corrosion resistance across PEM electrolyzer technologies. Our innovation roadmap illustrates our commitment to further development of existing products and development of additional products to support the green hydrogen industry achieve its goals.   

The presentation will review TFP's current capability in anode catalysts and corrosian resistant coatings for PEM water electrolyzers, cathode catalysts for alkaline water electrolyzers as well as some of our developing projects, including the recycling of titanium components using in PEM water electrolyzers. 


Dr David Hodgson, Managing Director - TFP Hydrogen Products Ltd