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Panel Discussion- Platinum Group Metals: mining, using and salvaging critical materials for fuel cell technology

28 Jun 2023
Fuel Cell Technology

Precious metals, specifically platinum group metals (or PGMs), are at the forefront of humankind's technological progress due to their chemical & physical properties (such as corrosion resistance and high melting points) and play a critical role in the Hydrogen Economy. Understanding the market dynamics of these commodities is vital to planning for the future of hydrogen. This panel will draw on expertise from across the PGM value chain; this consists of the PGM mining sector, manufacturing and advancing technology, and recycling companies. Some topics that will be addressed are Iridium availability, mineral sourcing, fuel cell design emphasizing cost and carbon intensity, the circularity of metals, and regulatory impacts on the value chain.

Christine Ehlig-Economides, Professor - University of Houston
Matthew Turner, Market Intelligence Manager PGMS - Anglo American
Anna Marchisio, Business Development Manager - Hensel Recycling GmbH
Falko Berg, Manager PEM Systems - AVL