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Now Delivering Reliable and Affordable CCUS at Scale

28 Jun 2023
Carbon Capture, Utilization, Storage & Blue Hydrogen

The CCUS market is here. Now. The decarbonization challenge is happening and net zero pledges are changing from future promises to today’s reality. Companies across the globe are ready to move forward as markets emerge for decarbonized products and corporate and societal pressures escalate. At Technip Energies and Shell Catalysts & Technologies, we are taking CCUS to the next level with our strategic alliance. Together, we are making CCUS real, affordable and at scale. In this session, you will discover powerful solutions across carbon capture technology development, standardization and productization, to meet emitters' net zero ambitions and support their license to operate. You will learn from several case studies across various industries, showcasing our successful and innovative CCUS projects, plus key takeaways for making CCUS an attainable reality.

Julie Cranga, VP Business Development CO2 Management - Technip Energies
Devin Shaw, Commercial Director, CO2 Capture & CCS - Shell