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Filtration and Membranes for Alternative Power

29 Jun 2023
Fuel Cell Technology
Hydrogen is an energy carrier, but unlike electricity, it requires filtration. A hydrogen economy will rely on hydrogen synthesis, this process is sensitive to contamination and requires involves filtration. The produced hydrogen requires filtration to a high purity level and should remain clean up to the final point of use. Different filtration processes and methods are needed in this hydrogen purification. PEM Fuel cells are known to be deactivated by chemical trace compounds. Both the anode and cathode need to be protect by high tech filtration to ensure a long life of the fuel cell, without any performance degradation. In addition to hydrogen filtration products, Donaldson is also offering membranes used in electrolyzers and PEM fuel cells. 
Alex Mottet, Sr. Engineer, Mobile Solutions Air Filtration Development - Donaldson