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Efficient Hydrogen Combustion for Heavy Duty Engines

28 Jun 2023
Low-Carbon Fuels and Propulsion
This presentation will review the HPDI system architecture from fuel injectors through to the hydrogen fuel storage, touching on both compressed and cryogenic onboard solutions. Field experience with H2 demonstration trucks will also be covered. As climate change has become of increasing concern, the global transportation industry has been challenged to achieve significant reductions in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. OEMs have identified multiple potential de-carbonization technologies for mobile-source applications; however, for Heavy Duty trucking and higher horsepower applications in particular, there is a recognition that the required combination of power density, fuel efficiency and durability are challenging with some of the less mature technologies. Therefore, for certain segments of the transportation sector, zero or near-zero carbon Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) continue to be evaluated as one of the key, cost-effective solutions.
David Mumford, Senior Director, HPDI Product and Strategy - Westport Fuel Systems