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Development of a Class 8 Hydrogen ICE Truck - Steady State Engine Development

28 Jun 2023
Low-Carbon Fuels and Propulsion
A demonstration truck is under development to demonstrate the practical viability of hydrogen IC engines as a mobility solution for heavy duty transport and to prove out the zero CO2 and near-zero NOx emissions characteristics of a hydrogen IC engine. The truck is based on a production Class 8 chassis for the North American market and a modified natural gas 15-liter spark ignited engine. In combination with a hydrogen fuel system and a mechanically driven turbocharger the engine is under development for installation into the truck. This presentation will address the role of internal combustion engines in a decarbonized transportation landscape and will highlight some of the challenges and benefits of bringing hydrogen fueled engines to the market.
D. Ryan Williams, Manager - Spark Ignited Engine R&D - SOUTHWEST RESEARCH INSTITUTE