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Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration CCUS - The Time is Now

28 Jun 2023
Carbon Capture, Utilization, Storage & Blue Hydrogen
This presentation will address the technology advancements needed across capture and storage to de-risk critical operations for CO2 injectivity, containment and monitoring and what we can expect from Capture technologies to provide a lower cost per ton of CO2 capture making project economics more viable. It will highlight the importance for technology partnerships within the CCUS ecosystem to mitigate project risk and lower overall costs. Carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration—or CCUS—has been described as an essential component to support the global ambition to achieve net zero. It is an integral part of the energy transition and industrial decarbonization, especially in hard to abate sectors. Because of the processes associated with sectors like cement and steel, there is no viable solution to decarbonize without CCUS. But for this solution to reach the scalability needed to meet the net zero equation, a new market ecosystem needs to be established. This will create a CCUS industry where emitters and project developers collaborate across geographies to overcome the challenges we face today.
Gino Thielens, Director of Carbon Storage - SLB Carbon Solutions Group