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Utility-Scale Hydrogen Storage using Metal Hydrides

15 Jun 2022
Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Infrastructure Development
Green hydrogen is necessary to help the world decarbonize and governments and organizations around the world are increasingly considering green hydrogen as a replacement for fossil fuels, due to its energy density and flexibility as an energy carrier.  Safe, compact, and energy efficient hydrogen storage is needed to help effect this transition.  Leveraging its world-leading position in powder metal solutions, over the last nine years GKN has developed an energy storage solution based on metal hydrides that is ideally suited for hydrogen storage applications where safety, a small footprint, high load, and long duration are crucial.  GKN’s modular hydrogen storage systems support distributed hydrogen storage in a broad range of applications such as backup power and renewable energy storage, supply and optimization.  Metal hydride hydrogen storage offers an alternative to compressed hydrogen, liquid hydrogen and battery storage while addressing the challenges of these energy storage systems.
Michael Cox, Head of Engineering - GKN Hydrogen Corp.