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Hydrogen High Pressure Storage Systems Integration for Mobile Applications

14 Jun 2022
Fuel Cell Design, Development, & Manufacturing

Hydrogen as a fuel will play an increasing role in the zero emission mobility at the side of the battery electric powertrains. The physical properties of Hydrogen, especially the very low density requires very specific storage systems to reach an appropriate packaging space and range while matching all the safety and integration constraints. With a complete hydrogen storage system developed, Faurecia shares a holistic overview about the function & challenges of hydrogen storage system for mobility application and an outlook of the mandatory step to accelerate the take off.

•    Architecture strategy: minimum requirement to manage function/safety
•    Filling strategy: Impact of fueling protocol, Noise management, Requirement on components
•    Integration challenges, durability & safety
•    Industrialization & examples of systems in production

Charles Shappell, Director, Zero Emissions Engineering - Faurecia