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Technology Development & Funding

14 Jun 2022
Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage
In this emerging market there are many factors to be considered when evaluating technology and project readiness. This panel discussion will touch on the stages of technology development and challenges when advancing to higher technology readiness levels (TRLs) and readiness for deployment. As technologies reach larger-scale demonstrations and deployments, complete projects are developed that must consider more than just the technology advancement and design of the system. As such, this panel discussion will also discuss project funding and financing as this becomes a critical component of project readiness, and other challenges facing the large-scale deployment of carbon capture. 
Danielle Flagg, Project Manager - Sargent & Lundy
Kevin Lauzze, Project Manager - Sargent & Lundy
Ravi L. Bhamidipati, Vice President - Global Oil & Gas - Victaulic
Joey Bernica, Investment Principal - OGCI Climate Investments