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Hydrogen: Safety Is Step One

15 Jun 2022
Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Infrastructure Development
Hydrogen is becoming more widely viewed as the fuel of choice for medium and heavy duty vehicles. Installing hydrogen fueling infrastructure is often viewed by the affected public with concern or is meeting resistance due to a general perception that it is unsafe. Demonstrating that there is a well-developed framework of hydrogen safety standards reduces this level of concern and fosters wider acceptance.  The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) is focused on developing and communicating safety standards and information guiding the production, storage, transport, and use of hydrogen, particularly in the fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) industry.   The standards we develop will be incorporated by policymakers into regulations and guidelines. We need the support and active participation of players across the industry to make sure the standards we write help advance the adoption of hydrogen as a fuel and energy source.
Rob Early, Technical Manager - Compressed Gas Association