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How Direct Air Capture (DAC) Can Enable a Hydrogen Economy

14 Jun 2022
Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage

Our world is built upon carbon. Abundant, affordable and reliable energy has improved the world’s standard of living and  driven technology to new heights not envisioned just a generation ago. However, carbon is increasing in the atmosphere and impacting our climate which requires steps to innovate for a lower carbon future.  Alternative energy solutions, like hydrogen, and CCUS technologies must be developed and deployed at scale to lower our collective emissions impact. Hydrogen processes and CCUS work together to produce clean hydrogen.  Hydrogen can also be paired with Direct Air Capture (DAC) to produce a drop-in low carbon liquid diesel and jet fuel at scale in the near-term.  CCUS, DAC and clean hydrogen can work together to advance a circular carbon economy during the energy transition and play a role in achieving net-zero goals.

Robert L. Zeller III, Vice President – Technology - Oxy Low Carbon Ventures