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What Does the Increase in Demand mean for the Progression of Fuel Cell Technology?

14 Jun 2022
Fuel Cell Design, Development, & Manufacturing
Almost every country worldwide is talking about electrification, and global markets are quickly taking to powering a variety of vehicles with hydrogen fuel cell technology. The increase in demand not only means the industry must scale supply, but it also paves the way for investment, infrastructure and technology development. Rising demand is an opportunity for fuel cell manufacturers to improve and evolve their technology. At the forefront of this transition is the goal of lowering fleets’ total cost of ownership, with fuel efficiency, durability and ease of integration all becoming areas where advanced technology can provide value. Loop Energy Director of Business Development North America, Tom Rost, will explore how Loop Energy views this growth in demand and why this is an opportunity to produce better performing and cost-effective hydrogen fuel cells for commercial vehicles.
Tom Rost, Director of Sales and Business Development (US) - Loop Energy