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Enzymes Make Carbon Capture Cleaner and Smarter

14 Jun 2022
Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage
Carbon capture costs need to be reduced to enable the necessary broad adoption and avoid climate change. The CO2 Solutions by Saipem process combined with Novozymes large scale enzyme production takes a significant step in that direction. As capture costs, in general, are also greatly influenced by the scale and CO2 concentration in the industrial off-gas, Saipem and Novozymes now focus on accelerating the process scale-up within all industries that need low-cost and efficient carbon capture, namely in Cement, Oil & Gas, Iron & Steel and Coalfired, Biomass, Waste and Gas Power. 
Klaus Skaalum Lassen, Carbon Capture Commercial Lead - Novozymes
Richard Surprenant, Carbon Capture Solutions Business Development Manager - Saipem