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A Continuum of Hydrogen Solutions for Large-Scale Energy Storage

15 Jun 2022
Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Infrastructure Development

Growing electrification of our energy systems and penetration of intermittent renewables will call for increased energy storage and hydrogen will be a piece of the puzzle. Moving projects from MW to GW scale, a wide range or storage dimensions can be encountered, from kilograms up to thousands of tons of H2. Vallourec is able to optimize storage solutions, offering solutions covering this full scope, from cylinders to storage in pipelines and other tubular arrangements, all the way to geologic reservoirs like salt caverns. With always safety as first focus, the teams are meeting the technical challenges posed by hydrogen, like high pressures, embrittlement of steel materials or tightness of the connections: a wide range of solution has already been proved compatible for hydrogen and used in the field, and more is coming, providing safety and best lifetime – and ultimately TCO – than some non-metallic alternatives.

Vincent Designolle, Hydrogen Cluster Director - Vallourec